Get the skills and training to become a Big Data Engineer

Me at Strata (Tall)Hi, my name is Jesse Anderson and I teach Big Data technologies at Fortune 100 companies. I teach Software Developers, like you, the skills to become Big Data Engineers and Data Engineers, even if they have no Big Data experience.

I’ve created an 8-week course that takes people like you and makes them Data Engineers. It teaches you all of the skills that professional Data Engineers need to know. I took the time to choose the technologies that companies are using in production so you don’t have to figure them out yourself. These are technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Before you get started on the path of becoming a Data Engineer, I want you to have all the information about making a career switch before spending the time and money. This is how many people fail to make the switch.

I’ve written a free eBook called The Ultimate Guide to Switching Careers to Big Data. It draws on my many years of teaching Big Data and answers all of your questions about making the switch. This book will show you:

  • How to switch careers: the 7 things you need to answer before making a career switch (page 77)

  • What to learn: the 15 Big Data technologies you should know (page 67)

  • Specific career advice: what you need to do to switch from your current title (page 46)

Sign up now to get a free copy of this 79 page eBook and discover the secrets behind becoming a Big Data Engineer or Data Engineer. Once you’ve read the book, I’ll get in touch with you again to let know how you can get access to my 8-week Professional Data Engineering course. This will include more information about the course itself and the various technologies it covers.

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