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Winning with big data means you have to get both the team and the technology right. Jesse is unique: He is that rare person with deep expertise in both technology and organization. Learn how his many years of experience and extensive research accelerate your data teams and project time to value.

Speaker. Author. Consultant.

From speaking at the top conferences worldwide to writing the top books on data teams to working with teams worldwide, Jesse leads the industry forward with visionary ideas on execution and creating real value with data.


Jesse's unique speaking and visual style consistently receive the top ratings at conferences worldwide

Jesse has spoken to audiences both big and small ranging from industry conferences to internal company summits. These talks range from the deep technical discussion of new technologies to organizational changes needed for data teams to executive briefings on creating value with big data.

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Jesse combines extensive first-hand experience, research, and industry best practices in his writing

Dive into Jesse’s books, posts, and academic publications to get a better insight to build effective big data teams and manage big data projects. His writing covers the gamut of hardcore technical treatises to organizational design.

His latest book Data Teams gives a unified model for how data science, data engineering, and operations must work together in order to win with data. Each team is absolutely crucial for success with big data and the book shows you why.

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Are you looking for someone with a proven track record to guide you to successful data projects?

Big data projects are different than IT or data warehousing projects. Let Jesse show you the technical best practices and correct organizational design for your data team. He shares his years of experience working with data teams and extensive research on creating value from data. Best of all, he guarantees results.

Case Studies

Tom Goolsby
Tom GoolsbyDirector Data Analytics - USAA
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Jesse "[...] was able to come in and show us like, here’s what’s missing, here’s the difference between your DBA and the person that should be helping you on an advanced programming perspective."
Pablo Dávalos
Pablo DávalosDirector of Data Science – Kueski
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"Jesse helped us identify the essential skill sets we needed in a candidate and filter applicants effectively. Jesse’s expertise here was invaluable."
Jorge Lozano
Jorge LozanoApplied Data Science Supervisor – Steelcase
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"Jesse’s message really resonated with us. He was able to frame the problems we were facing in a way that made us feel completely understood."
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Work With Jesse's Company

We take a long-term approach to help you build the right team and use your existing resources more efficiently. We guarantee results and success.

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Data Dream Team Podcast

Learn about data teams as Jesse hosts industry leaders from around the world

The Data Dream Team Podcast brings forward different voices and perspectives to help find a common ground to solve the problems that many are facing when it comes to good data. Explore the Data Dream Team podcast and listen to a collection of discussions, insights, and good chats from the world of data and beyond.

About Jesse Anderson

Jesse has mentored companies all over the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies on Big Data. This includes projects using cutting-edge technologies like Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark. He mentors organizations on the structure and design necessary for high-performing data teams.


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