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Let Jesse bring his extensive experience and research directly to your team. Identify the biggest issues, learn how to resolve them, and get results – guaranteed.

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About Big Data Institute

At Big Data Institute, we take a long-term approach to help you build the right team and use your existing resources more efficiently. We guarantee results and success.

It takes a special level of commitment to our clients to guarantee their success. At Big Data Institute, we often work with our clients for long periods of time, often years, and these are the relationships we seek. Our company’s core values reflect the trust required for long-term relationships and commitment to your success.

The core values are:

  • Client first – We do whatever is the right thing for the client – even if it hurts us.
  • Right person and tool for the job – We understand the complex world of big data and we figure out what is the right tool for the client.
  • No B.S. – Our clients appreciate our no-nonsense approach to technical trends because we aren’t beholden to a specific vendor.
  • Constant learning and applying – The world of big data is constantly changing and we’re at the forefront of the changes.
  • Preeminent expertise with humility – We may have world-class knowledge of the technology, but we will remain humble with our work.
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Case Studies


We helped USAA turn around its big data projects and create a data engineering culture

  • Data problems can become such difficult people problems that soldiers are focused on problems at home instead of being shot at in a war zone.
  • USAA realized the hard way that data engineers are needed for data scientists to be productive.
  • A lack of data engineering culture made it difficult for USAA to execute and create ROI for their data.


We helped Airbus create a real-time big data project streaming 2+ billion events per day

  • The system processes 2,000+ messages per second from aircraft all over the world
  • We used Microsoft Azure-managed services such as Event Hubs and Azure-Managed Kubernetes
  • The system uses open-source technologies such as Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Apache Avro, and Apache Spark.


We mentored Kueski and helped them build a data engineering team from the ground up

  • The company needed to build a data engineering team for the first time but navigating the hiring process was a challenge 
  • During our 12-month mentoring program, Kueski hired a seasoned data engineering manager, six data engineers, and a product manager


We helped Steelcase migrate its analytics to the cloud. Now their sales consultants can convert 10x more business.

  • Steelcase had big data problems but lacked the infrastructure to analyze them at scale
  • Their team of data scientists and engineers knew it was time to migrate to the cloud so they could start building more advanced solutions
  • The multitude of cloud-based products made it difficult to choose and make a compelling case for senior leadership.
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