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A Unified Management Model for Successful Data-Focused Teams

Data Teams

Learn how to run successful big data projects, how to resource your teams, and how the teams should work with each other to be cost-effective. This book introduces the three teams necessary for successful projects, and what each team does.

Most organizations fail with big data projects and the failure is almost always blamed on the technologies used. To be successful, organizations need to focus on both technology and management.

Making use of data is a team sport. It takes different kinds of people with different skill sets all working together to get things done. In all but the smallest projects, people should be organized into multiple teams to reduce project failure and underperformance.

Data Teams by Jesse Anderson book cover
Book cover photo of Data Engineering Teams by Jesse Anderson

Creating Successful Big Data Teams and Products

Data Engineering Teams

Learn how to create and manage big data engineering teams. This free, 73-page E-Book is the complete guide to successful big data projects. I’m tired of seeing Big Data projects fail. They fail for both technical and managerial reasons. They all fail for similar reasons and that’s just sad because we can fix or prevent them. Gartner’s research shows that 85% of Big Data projects don’t even make it into production.

Upgrading Your Skills for the Big Data Revolution

The Ultimate Guide to Switching Careers to Big Data

I’ve written a free eBook called The Ultimate Guide to Switching Careers to Big Data. It draws on my many years of teaching Big Data and answers all of your questions about making the switch. This book will show you:

  • How to switch careers: the 7 things you need to answer before making a career switch (page 77)
  • What to learn: the 15 Big Data technologies you should know (page 67)
  • Specific career advice: what you need to do to switch from your current title (page 46)

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