Kinect On Windows

It turns out getting the Kinect installed on Windows is more difficult than Linux.Here is the link to a discussion about how to install things in the proper order and from the proper places.

You install the Kinect driver from the SensorKinect project. Follow the instructions in the readme:

PrimeSense NITE algorithm:

If you want to try it please do the following:
1) Install OpenNI (from
2) Install Sensor (this version…)
3) Install NITE (from
4) Run the NiViewer sample to make sure depth & image streams are working.
5) Run the OpenNI/NiUserTracker sample play with the skeleton. Don’t forget to start with the calibration pose! (Explained in the PDFs)
6) Try the NITE/Sample-PointViewer sample for the hand tracking demo.
Note: All of the NITE samples are using 320×240 resolution. You need to change it to 640×480 in the XML files inside the Data directory.
I have prepared preconfigured XMLs in the “NITE\Data” dir. Just copy them to “c:\Program Files\Prime Sense\NITE\Data”.