Kinect On Windows

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  • Installing Kinect on Windows is more difficult than on Linux.
  • The proper order and places to install things are discussed in a Google Groups thread.
  • The Kinect driver can be installed from the SensorKinect project.
  • To use the PrimeSense NITE algorithm, OpenNI, Sensor, and NITE need to be installed in that order.
  • The NiViewer sample should be run to ensure depth and image streams are working.

It turns out getting the Kinect installed on Windows is more difficult than Linux.Here is the link to a discussion about how to install things in the proper order and from the proper places.

You install the Kinect driver from the SensorKinect project. Follow the instructions in the readme:

PrimeSense NITE algorithm:

If you want to try it please do the following:
1) Install OpenNI (from
2) Install Sensor (this version…)
3) Install NITE (from
4) Run the NiViewer sample to make sure depth & image streams are working.
5) Run the OpenNI/NiUserTracker sample play with the skeleton. Don’t forget to start with the calibration pose! (Explained in the PDFs)
6) Try the NITE/Sample-PointViewer sample for the hand tracking demo.
Note: All of the NITE samples are using 320×240 resolution. You need to change it to 640×480 in the XML files inside the Data directory.
I have prepared preconfigured XMLs in the “NITE\Data” dir. Just copy them to “c:\Program Files\Prime Sense\NITE\Data”.

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