Get the skills and training to become a Big Data Engineer

Me at Strata (Tall)Hi, my name is Jesse Anderson and I teach Big Data technologies at Fortune 100 companies. I teach Software Developers, like you, the skills to become Big Data Engineers and Data Engineers, even if they have no Big Data experience.

I’ve created a mini-course that answers the most common question people ask me: Should you learn Hadoop or Spark? The question is a great starting point, but the mini-course goes even deeper into the question and what it means for you.

This mini-course teaches you:

  • Learn difficult technologies: What MapReduce and Spark are and how they’re used … even if you’re just starting out
  • Target the right technologies: Choose whether to learn MapReduce or Spark
  • Stop wasting your time: Identify which technology(ies) your target companies do and don’t use
  • What’s next?: The answer to more fundamental questions in a Big Data career

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