Why You’re Not Getting a Data Engineering Job

“Pass” he said while on the phone.

I looked up from the podium where I was teaching.

“Pass” he said again into the phone.

Very curious, I waited until he finished with his phone call. He’s the hiring manager for a large company who is looking for Data Engineers. He was telling their recruiter to pass (not hire) on the job candidates they had just interviewed.

Why was he passing on these candidates? “They weren’t qualified enough” he said. “They either didn’t have the experience or breadth of knowledge to do the job. It’s better to not even hire them.”

Those interviewees succumbed to the idea that Data Engineering is just about learning an API or learning a single technology. Worse yet, they may have bought a terrible online or in-person course that made unjustified promises.

The course promised mastery and

delivered on the very basics of knowledge,

definitely not enough to get a job.

Is the problem that the hiring manager wouldn’t accept people people who went through online training? No. I asked him that specific question because I have online materials to transform regular developers to Data Engineers.

I piqued his interest with my course. He asked about the technologies, concepts, and breadth taught. “Where are these people? When can I interview them?” he asked.

The right course prepares you to be a

Data Engineer and makes companies want to hire you.

What has been your experience in your Data Engineer interviews. Did your hiring manager say “pass” because you lacked the skills? Did you succumb to the idea that Data Engineering is just learning Spark and that’s it?

Yes, there is a palpable difference in Data Engineers who’ve invested the time to learn the right technologies and concepts and those who don’t. The Data Engineers who invest in their learning, practice, and master the skills are the ones where the manager doesn’t say “pass” they say “hire them.”

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