Processing Big Data with MapReduce

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  • Jesse Anderson has released a new series of screencasts on Hadoop MapReduce, published by Pragmatic Programmers.
  • The screencasts are a great way for beginners to learn about Hadoop.
  • A virtual machine is available with everything needed to run Hadoop, MapReduce, and Eclipse.
  • Source code for the screencasts is available on GitHub.
  • The dataset used in the second episode is the Nasdaq daily stock prices from InfoChimps.

I am proud to announce my latest series of screencasts on Hadoop MapReduce. It’s published again by the good people at Pragmatic Programmers. These screencasts are the best way for a beginner to learn about Hadoop, unless they’re sitting in my class at Cloudera University.

Here’s few links to get started after you’ve purchased the screencasts:

First, you want a way to run Hadoop, MapReduce and Eclipse. There is a virtual machine that is set up and running with everything you need. I have a mini-screencast showing how to use Eclipse and debug things.

Next, you’ll need the source code for the screencast. The first and third episodes’ source code is here and the second episode’s source code is here.

Finally, you’ll need the dataset for the second episode. It uses the Nasdaq daily stock prices from InfoChimps.

The focus of the screencast isn’t administration and installation. This screencast is focused on the developer side of things. The source code is written to run on the Cloudera QuickStart VM out of the box.

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