Kinder Gentler Apple

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  • Tim Cook took over as CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs.
  • Steve Jobs had a vendetta against Flash, but it was not necessarily based on technical reasons.
  • Other products, like Unity, were doing similar things to Flash but were exempted from Apple's App Store process.
  • There is no indication that Tim Cook has a similar vendetta against any particular technology.
  • This could signal a kinder, gentler Apple under Cook's leadership.

A Kinder, Gentler Apple

When Tim Cook took the reigns of Apple, I wondered if that would usher in a kinder, gentler Apple. One of Steve Jobs’ biggest contributions to the Internet was his vendetta against Flash. I wonder if Tim Cook has the same vitriol for a particular piece of technology?

If you look back at Steve Jobs versus Flash, it was pure vendetta. There was very little technical reason to kill Flash. Other products, like Unity, were doing a very similar thing with making non-native iOS applications. However, they were exempted from Apple’s App Store process.

What piece of technology, if any, does Tim Cook aspire to kill? From my readings, he doesn’t have any. Does this signal a kinder, gentler Apple?

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