Million Monkeys Visualization

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  • A new visualization of the Million Monkeys' data was created at the recent Hack4Reno event.
  • The visualization allows users to select their favorite work of Shakespeare and find out how many times a particular character was found.
  • The data was generated from ~3GB of raw monkey data and converted into JSON format.
  • Javascript and JQuery were used to display the data and enable user interactions.
  • There may be some bugs in the visualization due to the limited time frame of the Hackathon.

At last weekend’s Hack4Reno, I created a new visualization of the Million Monkeys’ data. It allows you to choose your favorite work of Shakespeare and find out how a particular character was found. You simply place or hover the mouse over a character and the box to the right will show the number of times that character was found.

For more information on the Million Monkeys Project, go here.

To make this visualization possible, I took the ~3GB of raw monkey data and generated a JSON output. This was tricky because I had to break the works of Shakespeare down into individual works. Once I had the JSON data, I wrote some Javascript that used JQuery to show the data and allow the interactions.

NOTE: It was a 24 hour Hackathon and there are a few bugs.

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