Give Chrome a Chance

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  • The author used to use Firefox but has switched to Chrome and is now hooked.
  • The latest version of Chrome has most of the extensions available on Firefox, including AdBlock.
  • The speed of Chrome is impressive.
  • The author has only used Chrome on Windows.

I started using Firefox at version 2.0. I have been using Chrome for a month now and I am hooked.

If you are like me, you saw Google’s original Chrome announcement, downloaded it, and played with it for a while. It was nice, but it wasn’t Firefox. It had some novel ideas, but Chrome didn’t have my favorite extensions.

All of that has changed with the latest version of Chrome. You can have the vast majority of the extension you have in Firefox on Chrome.  The major one I cared about was AdBlock. Its there now and removes those pesky ads.

If you haven’t already, update or download the latest version of Chrome and load up your favorite extensions. Its speed will amaze you.

I should point out that I can have only used Chrome on Windows.

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