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What Happens When Data Science Teams Add A Data Engineer

By Jesse Anderson and Mikio Braun Organizations are gradually getting the message about the critical nature of data engineering. Data science teams are getting that message too. Sometimes, that message gets muddled, and data science teams think they just need to add a...

Analysis of Confluent’s S1

Confluent just filed their S1 to IPO. I worked with Confluent starting in March of 2015, and we eventually parted ways. At my company, we continue to work with streaming technologies, including Kafka. I want to share a different opinion on what the filing says, my...

Why Data Science Teams Don’t Think They Need Data Engineering

Some of the most interesting consultations are when I help data science teams that don't think they need data engineering. I've compiled a list of some of the more common reasons why data science teams believe they don't need data engineering and why those reasons...