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Unit Testing Kafka Streams

Unit testing your Kafka code is incredibly important. I’ve already written about integration testing, consumer testing, and producer testing. Now, I’m going to share how to unit test your Kafka Streams code. To start off with, you will need to change your Maven...

The Veteran Skill on a Data Engineering Team

In my book Data Engineering Teams, I talk about a skill that’s often overlooked and unknown to data engineering teams. Teams often don’t know they need a veteran, think they can’t afford a veteran, or don’t understand why you need a veteran on the team. In Chapter 3...

Getting Into Big Data as a Consultant

I’m often asked how someone who is a consultant how they can get into Big Data. This is an important subject because it will define your success as consultant in the field. More importantly, it will define how successful your customers will be. Learning If Big Data is...