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Maven Tips

Working with complex and multi-module Maven projects can be a handful. These are a few tips to make that easier. I'm going to use Apache Beam as an example of a multi-module Maven project. The first helpful command is to list all of the modules. To do this run mvn...

Apache Beam Regex

In a previous post, I showed how to use Beam's Regex class to split up a string. In this post, I'm going to going to show some other features of the Regex class. The Regex class gives you a distributed way to work with strings. I tried to make the interface very...

Beam’s Pico WordCount

There’s this friendly game in Big Data frameworks. It’s what’s the fewest lines of code it takes to do WordCount. I’m a committer on Apache Beam and most of my time is dedicated to making things easier for developers to use Beam. I also help explain Beam in articles...

Are you attaining your goals?

We’re coming on that time of year when many people make their goals for the next year. Before you do that, reflect on how you did this year. If you accomplished a goal, how did you do it? If you didn’t accomplish a goal, what happened? Many people wrote in to me with...