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Become an advanced Data Engineer and create real-time big data pipelines with the latest technologies.

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Personal Project Data Sources

You don’t have previous Big Data experience, but want to get hired as a Data Engineer. Don’t worry, you can get hired. You’ll need a well executed personal project that gets you noticed and shows your skills. I’ve verified this with hiring managers all over the place....

In-depth Interview

My friend, Justus Eapen, interviewed me for his podcast Hacker Practice. The interview is broad and covers everything from creativity to Big Data to my Data Engineering Teams book. This interview goes into deep into many of data engineering concepts and...

Kafka REST and JQuery Helper

I'm open sourcing one of the modules I wrote for my Real-time Data Engineering class. We use Apache Spark and Apache Kafka to process data. Then, we show the data in real-time on a webpage using this JavaScript module to pull in data from Kafka via the Kafka REST...