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The Blame Game

When a Big Data project fails, there’s plenty of blame to go around. When I do the retrospectives with teams who are failing or about to fail, their blame is often misplaced. There’s a focus on blaming the technology. The more difficult considerations of looking...

What It Looks Like From the Outside

I teach and mentor teams that have started or are several months into their projects. I see what happens after they’ve experienced problems. I view the teams from the outside looking in. I see the manifestations of problems and I have to figure out what the root of...

Medium Data

Most companies aren’t experiencing Big Data or small data problems. They’re experiencing a witching hour of sorts. This a point in their growth where their data is too big for small data and too small for Big Data. As I’m teaching at companies, I’m finding as much as...

Beam 2.0 Q and A

Apache Beam just had its first API stable release. Now that we have an API stable release, I want to update what’s changed in the Beam ecosystem. I want to highlight the growth of Beam as a project and the increased usage of Beam in pre-production/development or...