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Should You Learn MapReduce or Spark?

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Learn difficult technologies: Understand MapReduce and Spark … even if you’re just starting out

• Target the right technologies: Identify which technologies your target companies do and don’t use

• Stop wasting your time: See the techniques I used to teach Big Data at over twenty Fortune 100 companies

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Become a Big Data Engineer

Get the skills to be a Big Data Engineer, even if you’re just starting out.

Create Real-time Big Data Data Pipelines

Become an advanced Data Engineer and create real-time big data pipelines with the latest technologies.

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The ROI of the Right Training

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin is saying that investing in yourself or your team’s knowledge will give you the highest ROI (return on investment). By investing in knowledge, you’re going to be far...

Hadoop Cheat Sheet

Hadoop has a vast and vibrant developer community.  Following the lead of Hadoop’s name, the projects in the Hadoop ecosystem all have names that don’t correlate to their function.  This makes it really hard to figure out what each piece does or is used...

The Hidden Costs of the Wrong Training

You’re sitting there thinking about a training purchase. You look at the price again. That $750 sounds like a lot for an online course. That $20,000 sounds like a lot for an in-person course for the team. Yes, those are courses are costly…but they’re...

Is My Developer Team Ready for Big Data?

“Is my developer team ready for big data?” This is the most common question I’m asked by business leaders. Executives realize that big data projects can build their enterprise, but aren’t sure if their current development teams have the skills to actually create the...
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