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Should You Learn MapReduce or Spark?

Get my exclusive training video to see which is right for you. The video will teach you how to:

  • Learn difficult technologies: Understand MapReduce and Spark … even if you’re just starting out
  • Target the right technologies: Identify which technologies your target companies do and don’t use
  • Stop wasting your time: See the techniques I used to teach Big Data at over twenty Fortune 100 companies

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The Cloudera Experience

We’re going to see a sharp uptick in Big Data and Hadoop companies. This is all starting with Hortonworks’ recent IPO. The coverage of Hortonworks’ IPO always mentions my former company, Cloudera, as being notably absent in the IPO chase. I want to tell you about my...

More NFL Posts

I have two more guest posts covering my NFL Play-by-Play project. The first is in GigaOM and there is a more technical explanation on Cloudera’s VISION...

Hiring Your First Software Engineer

My article on CEO.com was posted today. I talk about ways to hire and interview your first software engineer.  I reference the importance of giving back to software groups as you use their help.  Here is the guest post I wrote for startup communities discussing how to...

Processing Big Data with MapReduce

I am proud to announce my latest series of screencasts on Hadoop MapReduce. It’s published again by the good people at Pragmatic Programmers.  These screencasts are the best way for a beginner to learn about Hadoop, unless they’re sitting in my class at Cloudera...