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Maven Tips

Working with complex and multi-module Maven projects can be a handful. These are a few tips to make that easier. I'm going to use Apache Beam as an example of a multi-module Maven project. The first helpful command is to list all of the modules. To do this run mvn...

Apache Beam Regex

In a previous post, I showed how to use Beam's Regex class to split up a string. In this post, I'm going to going to show some other features of the Regex class. The Regex class gives you a distributed way to work with strings. I tried to make the interface very...

Beam’s Pico WordCount

There’s this friendly game in Big Data frameworks. It’s what’s the fewest lines of code it takes to do WordCount. I’m a committer on Apache Beam and most of my time is dedicated to making things easier for developers to use Beam. I also help explain Beam in articles...