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Get the skills to be a Big Data Engineer, even if you’re just starting out.

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We Live, Eat, and Breathe This Stuff

The NFL ran a commercial a few years back. It featured various professional athletes from the NFL doing things you wouldn’t otherwise believe. One showed a quarterback shooting trap with his football instead of a shotgun. I’ve shot trap and it’s hard enough to with a...

SSH With Google Cloud

Let’s just say that Google Cloud’s SSH instructions aren’t the greatest. Here are the steps to SSH into your instance. It also assumes that you’ve installed the gcloud program. These instructions are for MacOSX and Linux. We start off by...

Unit Testing Spark with Java

Unit testing, Apache Spark, and Java are three things you’ll rarely see together. And yes, all three are possible and work well together. Why Unit Test With Spark? I’m not an advocate of TDD (Test-Driven Development), except when I’m writing Big Data code. You can...
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