About Me

I am a Creative Engineer in Reno with many years of experience in creating products and helping companies improve their software engineering.


Speaking at HBaseCon 2014

I do both professional and personal projects. Personal projects like the Million Monkeys project went viral and gained international notoriety.  My interviews appeared in such prestigious places as the Wall Street Journal and Fox News with the full list on my resume.  I was invited to submit a paper on the topic to Significance which was published.

I wrote, designed and did the voice over for a series of screencasts that cover The Cloud and Amazon Web Services and another one that covers Hadoop MapReduce. Both are published by Pragmatic Programmers.

I strive to provide developers with the resources to learn new technologies and improve their skillsets.  I am a Curriculum Developer and Instructor at Cloudera.  To help the local community, I volunteer my time as the President of the Northern Nevada Software Developers Group and I sit on the Technology Advisory Committee at Morrison University in which I advise the college on appropriate curriculum for technical degree programs.

At the Northern Nevada Software Developers Group, I coordinate all meetings and speakers.  Also, I give various presentations; a list of the topics, presentations and example code are on my online resumemy Slideshare page, and my YouTube channel.

My blog focuses more on the philosophy and practical application of software engineering principles.